On Aug. 28, College Raptor, a college research and information service, named Western its number one Hidden Gem college in Colorado, ahead of Fort Lewis College and Colorado State University-Pueblo.

The ranking takes into account academic quality and accessibility, among other factors. The Hidden Gems list, now in its ninth year, is reserved for schools with fewer than 7,000 students that receive less than 5,000 applications per year and have an acceptance rate higher than 10 percent.

Other notable schools named to the list include Harvey Mudd College in California, the Virginia Military Institute, and Wheaton College in Illinois.

“We are thrilled to announce our 2024 Hidden Gem Colleges, a distinctive spotlight on great schools across the United States that may have flown under the radar of many students and their families. At College Raptor, we believe accessibility is crucial, ensuring all students have fair chances to explore institutions that match their academic, financial, and social preferences,” said William Staib, CEO of College Raptor.

College Raptor is a subsidiary of Citizens, a large national bank with a large student loan division.

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